• Shivam Pratishthan is a brain child of Shri. Indrajeet Deshmukh
  • The Sole motive to form such a Centre is to provide a platform to inculcate, enhance a self believe thought process to uplift the youth for the betterment of the Society which in-turn results in the enlistment of the Country
  • Shivam Prathisthan is now in its 15th year spreading the good-will message, values to the youth
  • In its first year it had 36 volunteers and with-in short period it has motivated and catapulted to 15000 volunteers
  • Youth of this Country especially in the Rural Areas.
  • The Pratisthan is on its track to achieve for what it was born for as 90 % of the volunteers are youth (Age Group 16-23).

Our Mentor

"Shri Indrajeetji Deshmukh"

  • Shri Indrajeetji Deshmukh was born in the respected family of Deshmukh in a Village named Mahuli Dist Sangli.
  • Social welfare, Philanthropy is a quality which he has inherited from his fore-fathers.
  • Shri Indrajeetji Deshmukh was highly influenced with the work his Uncle and father did for society.
  • As Govt offical his one point agenda was eradicating corruption and make sure the various schemes reach the down-trodden. While he was posted at different cities in Maharashtra he led various initiatives for the welfare of the people.
  • He educated the people with the various welfare schemes and advised them how get benefited from those schemes. He stressed inclusive growth of all and tried to reduce irregularities usually seen while the Govt schemes are implemented.
  • While he was judiciously going about his job he realized the sorry state of youth in villages .
  • He started to organize sessions in villages wherein he gave motivation talks for the youth and how their participation in decision making and developmental process can make a huge difference.
  • His Sessions slowly and gradually became very popular he could see a change in the attitude of not only the youth but also in the elders in those villages.
  • He established “ Shivam Pratishtan” with the ultimate goal of mobilizing and consolidating the youth.
  • Hi famous talks on lives of revolutionaries like Bhagat Singh, Swami Vivekananda, and on various other issues are published in the form of CD’s and various Social Welfare Organisation use it to build up cadres among the young men and women capable and fully equipped to take part in the struggle for socialism, peace and progress.
  • His talks for the farmers of the draught hit areas in Maharashtra were inspirational to avoid numerous suicides by the farmers.
  • His pledge and relentless struggle for a better society is highly admired and will always be source of inspiration for the youth (Including myself).